About iShapeMe

iShapeMe Inc. is a nonprofit mentoring organization that empowers girls and young women to shape themselves mentally, physically and spiritually. Our mission is to encourage high self esteem, positive body image, a fit and healthy lifestyle and a grounded faith in Christ.​

iShapeMe aims to create a positive environment for young women and girls to bond, have candid discussions and share vulnerabilities.

Through each program and event, iShapeMe’s intent is to empower girls and young women to believe in themselves, their dreams and each other.


With each and every event, iShapeMe Inc. attempts to fulfill its mission. 

iShapeMe Sleepovers are the ultimate lock-in experiences for young girls! Over 200 girls throughout the state of South Carolina have participated in iShapeMe Sleepovers. Keynote speakers are invited to share their wisdom on taking care of the mind, body and soul. Between crafts and fun fitness sessions, we facilitate meaningful conversations on self love, building healthy relationships and more!

#iShapeMeGirlsDay is a single-day conference inspiring girls to lead in school, sports, the arts and their communities. The event, intentionally held during Women's History Month, features activities, craft stations, educational panels and empowering speakers! 

Mentoring Program

The iShapeMe Girls Mentoring Program was created for middle school aged young ladies. This

12-session program covers topics like goal setting, identity, bullying, etiquette, body image, mental health and more.

Certified iShapeMe Mentors guide girls through fun activities and educational discussions. 

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or having a girl in your life participate, sign up here!


Since its inception in 2014, iShapeMe Inc. has hosted events for over 300 girls in South Carolina. Since establishing the Lauryn T. Agnew Giant Strides Scholarship, iShapeMe Inc. has awarded over $3,500 in scholarships. 

The scholarship is not available for the Class of 2020.


Little girls with dreams become women with vision.

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