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Lauryn T. Agnew Giant Strides Scholarship


Lauryn Tyona Agnew was born on June 8, 1998 to LaTonya Agnew of Greenville, SC. She was always a talkative and vivacious spirit! This 17-year-old had a love for hair and makeup, especially lipstick! However, she didn’t mind getting dirty on the softball field.


Lauryn attended Southside High School in Greenville, where she had some fun times and got to express her unique style. Like all girls her age, there were ups and downs of Lauryn's teenage experience.


Over the last year, I saw her making changes to filter who and what she allowed in her life and I was beyond proud of her!

Lauryn was so excited about attending senior prom, senior week at the beach and graduation. She spoke to me regularly about attending college. Earlier that school year, she started exploring her options. I was extremely happy to see her enter this new phase of life. I created this scholarship to give girls who were also making “giant strides” to become magnificent young ladies a chance to be honored for doing so.

-Jada Samuel

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2016 Recipients
2017 Recipients

The 2018 Lauryn T. Agnew Giant Strides Application closed on May 15th. Applicants will be notified of their award in 2019.


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